Fredrikson Stallard at Med Bodrum

Fredrikson Stallard at Med Bodrum

Works exhibited: Aqamanos, Fable Red 002, Hurricane Round Silver 002, Medusa Teal .

Date: 9th – 13th May 2024.

Location: Kesire Mevkii Narçiçeği Sok. 48400 Göltürkbükü, Bodrum, Turkey.

Curation: Fru Tholstrup and Jane Neal

MedBodrum aims to celebrate the opulent tapestry of Mediterranean lifestyle by bringing together acclaimed chefs, talented artists, brilliant musicians from all over the world with a series of curated events organized under four main pillars – Gastronomy, Art, Music and Sustainability.

Coming to life as an homage to the Turquoise Coast and Sahir Erozan’s initiative to establish Bodrum as a destination on the international calendar, MedBodrum aims to create unique experiences around gastronomy, contemporary art, live music and the Mediterranean lifestyle while also fostering discussions on sustainable solutions and practices. Promising a vibrant celebration against the stunning backdrop of Bodrum, the first edition of MedBodrum will take place at Maçakızı Hotel and Villa Maçakızı in May 2024. The aim is to expand the impact of MedBodrum in the following years with the participation of other local establishments in Bodrum.

Featured Artists include:
Marina Abramović – Helen Beard – Mircea Cantor – Jake Chapman – Charlotte Colbert – Jack Coulter – Martin Eder – Maryam Eisler – Antony Gormley – Alistair Guy – Matouš Háša – Krista Kim – Kate MccGwire – Vicken Parsons – Miguel Angel Payano Jr. – Rony Plesl – Antonio Santin – Fredrikson Stallard – Gabriela Vanga – Mariano Vivanco