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With a creative partnership spanning more than 10 years, its only natural that the Austrian brand would choose the experimental design house for this extraordinary project. Entitled ‘Glaciarium’, the collection consists of chandelier components, four chandeliers – ‘Avalon’, ‘Helios’, ‘Superline’ and ‘Voltaire’ – alongside pieces for Atelier Swarovski, the brand’s home accessories label, which debuted at Salone Del Mobile earlier this year.

The collection resonates with the idiosyncratic style of Fredrikson Stallard– a deft mix of the raw and refined – from the showering dome of rough crystals in ‘Avalon’ to the symmetrical line-up of exposed shimmering forms in ‘Helios’ and ‘Superline’.

This same bare sensitivity is also imbued in the Atelier collection. Featuring abstract shapes in each contour, the ornaments’ curves and sweeps are unnatural yet exquisite at the same time.

‘Glaciarium crystals are the result of decisive intervention, one that helps rigid materiality sing its unique melody,’ explains MAD Museum Director Dr Glenn Adamson, who draws similarities between the artist’s practise and that of American sculptor Scott Burton. He says, ‘Like Burton, Fredrikson Stallard do not transform or rearrange matter into something unrecognisable, but reveal its inherent character.’

London Design Festival

Studio open to public

22nd September 2016
11:00 – 18:00

Fredrikson Stallard
10 Warner Street
London, EC1R 5HA

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