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Located in Innsbruck’s historic town centre and under landmark protection, Fredrikson Stallard have transformed the store into a flowing artistic retail experience allowing the new space to become a platform for contemporary culture full of emotions and creativity.

Carla Rumler, Cultural Director Swarovski, comments: “I am particularly pleased that we were able to get Fredrikson Stallard involved in this project. The creative team is renowned for an avant-garde form language with high material standards and elegance. Their design concept engages in an exciting dialogue with the historic building. This makes the Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Innsbruck another example of the unique creativity of these two exceptional artists.”

Fredrikson Stallard add: “Our design for the store centres around the contrasts between the historic architecture with a 21st century vision of what retail design can be.

We have inserted vitrines in patinated dark steel into the medieval niches and alcoves of the historic architecture. In this way these contemporary elements feel completely natural and in harmony. The visitor would have an extraordinarily natural sense of movement throughout the space.

We utilise the iconic language of museum display to allow the products to take centre stage, literally putting the objects on a pedestal. As with much of our work we use physical and psychological material contrasts – highlighting the radiance of crystal by means of the elegant darkness of patinated steel. Additionally we have included two central vitrines to act as a showcase some of the incredible collaborations between Swarovski and international designers and artists from all creative fields.

We reinvent the retail environment with the language of an art gallery or museum, whilst retaining the sense of inclusion and availability and understanding the aspirations of the consumer.
Timeless contemporary, a new classic, a new aspirational international retail environment.”

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