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In 2012 Fredrikson Stallard built their new headquaters in Holborn with a vision of being able to include a platform, alongside their own studio practice, to present, showcase and share work and experiences from various creative fields that enrich both their personal and professional palette. With its dramatic Dickensian entrance through a hidden former Georgian Street, it is intended as an alternative multifaceted stage to celebrate the exceptional. It was with this vision that the FSHQ was born, with an evolving program including performances in music, design, fashion, architecture and the fine arts.

The Gaspard Chevalier event will be the inaugural event of this programme showing new paintings by Chevalier, a fine art painter, graduated from Saint Martins in 2014, where Patrik & Ian first encountered his work.

“We are both drawn to Gaspard’s paintings as they have an energy in them which has links for us to some of the abstract expressionist artists we have found inspirational in our own work. But with his paintings, Gaspard is striving to go beyond abstract expressionism. His restless enthusiasm has led his work in a more conceptual direction, creating abstract landscapes encompassing figurative elements in a way where the two become mixed and fragmented, like someone hidden in a forest. There are powerful and diverse influences in his work together with Gaspards own very unique palette of colour and line.” Patrik Fredrikson & Ian Stallard

Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard began their collaboration in 1995 and have since become internationally recognised as leading exponents of British avant-garde design. Their work connects design with the world of the fine arts, with pieces that perform their function but also convey an emotional relationship. Translating their creativity into rigorous cutting edge work that is regularly discussed and acquired by collectors, museums and institutions, they are represented by David Gill Galleries who facilitate and support their unique and edition pieces.

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