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2015 is a year of anniversaries: Swarovski celebrates its 120th year, and with its grand re-opening on April 30, 2015, Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds) at the same time commemorates its 20th anniversary.

Ever since 1995, they have fascinated and thrilled the public throughout the world: the Chambers of Wonder, whose design was inspired by the historic Ambras Castle. In 2015, this fascination enters a new Era of Wonder. In addition to the all-encompassing renovations in the garden all around the iconic Giant, four of the subterranean Chambers of Wonder are being redesigned entirely from scratch by international stars of the world of design.

When Swarovski Crystal Worlds opens its doors, visitors will step into an entirely new world of experiences and an entire transformation of the chambers. Fredrikson Stallard, who have a long-standing relationship with Swraovski was invited to design one of the four new Swarovski Crystal Chambers, entiteld Eden.

The idea of Eden was to create an environment that evokes one of the strongest primeval responses in man: the forest. But this is no ordinary forest – it is a fantastical archaic landscape. At its entrance a filmed waterfall from the surrounding Alps cascades on a screen and is reflected in mirrored walls, while the white noise of the water permeates the whole chamber.

Inside Eden, the visitor follows a path that meanders through a dense wilderness of simple polished brass structures, which through mirrored walls appear to go on to infinity. Within the depths of this dark forest, the wanderer encounters strange hidden gems in the form of the biggest crystals Swarovski ever produced. They emerge as beacons of light from the dark, like strange exotic birds or reptiles, flowers, or fruit, symbolizing the magnificence of nature and the origins of life.

Eden Dates: Opens to the public on the 30th April Venue: Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal World)

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