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The essential quality of Fredrikson Stallard’s trophy for BIFA is its uplifting nature, with the light of the crystal at its heart. This is achieved by framing the crystal, as the hero in centre stage, and including ethereal free space within the object itself to allow the surrounding light and air to become a part of the piece. In considering the emotional qualities of the piece the boundaries of trophy design have been pushed by understanding its nature as a sculpture in its own right, in addition to as a celebratory object, with the same emotions of the creative field of film which it acts as a recognition for. An additional important consideration is how the piece is held during presentation and in photographs. Here, the piece is held up with the hand passing through the body of the sculpture in an elegant way, rather than struggling to fit the hand around a heavy based object or leaving fingerprints on the surface of the crystal. With the BIFA trophy the crystal shard is the heart, the star, the lead role, a framed golden light.

“We wanted to create a signature trophy for BIFA that will be instantly recognisable and will act as a beacon to the extraordinary talent that is so plentiful within British independent film making today.”

“We imagined the trophy as an uplifting golden light, and we achieved this by framing a crystal centre stage within the structure, allowing the surrounding light and air to become a part of the piece like a creative aura.”

The BIFA trophy was awarded the ‘Best Trophy’ design by Azure magazine.

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