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Its return to New York for Salon this year at the Armory with David Gill Gallery. New York is where it all began for Fredrikson Stallard and home to many of the most iconic works made by the studio over the years. This Salon marks the first showing of “Hudson” in the US. Hudson forms part of the greater “Crush” Collection. Materials, and honesty to materials, has always been a central constant through the work of Fredrikson Stallard from the very first concept.

The primary story with these pieces is one of form and process. All the pieces are formed by hand, in an archaic and intensely physical way. By creating the pieces in this manner there is only limited control that can be imparted on the object, as the metal itself has inherent qualities which make it behave as it is in its own nature. This is important, as often forms which are forced into existence merely by thought seem to lack an extra quality that can only be achieved through some degree of disconnection, as with the work of the abstract expressionists of the 20th century. Highly polished, they reflect light into spaces in a fluid and changing way, adding an extra presence in their environment beyond their simple position in a room.

They also take on everything in their surroundings through reflection in their surface, distorting surrounding colours in a completely abstract way that constantly changes with the movement of viewpoint, time and light. In this way they are truly inclusive objects.

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