Species 10


Polyurethane, Rubber, Glass Fibre, Steel, Polyester

H85 x W205 x D116 cm (H33 x W81 x D46 in)


Species 10 was created as part of PhilipsX “Seeing Red” Exhibition 2024.

“Species” is a study in evolution by Fredrikson Stallard through the media of furniture design, created with a brute force that is at odds with ideas of comfort or human contact, yet so inviting by the nature of its materials. The pieces are amorphous structures, elements of sculpted mass, chaotic energy, finished in shades of red, as for Fredrikson Stallard these are the colours of life and death. Something along the lines of – “It couldn’t happen here, but then it did”. This is very much furniture, but not as we know it.