Figure 3 – Narcissus


Cardboard, Epoxy, Lacquer, Aluminium

H34 x W15 x D15 cm (H13 x W6 x D6 in)

Fredrikson Stallard’s new works are reincarnations of low hierarchy quotidian materials into pseudo figurative works that echo the traditional classical sculpture in bronze and marble from where they take their names: “The Rape of the Sabines” and “A Virtue – Possibly Truth, Temperance or Justice.
The power of sculptural movement, but with a contemporary and energetic use of material combinations – cardboard, resin, lacquer, aluminium – formed as expressive collages that can be interpreted in many ways, both physically and psychologically.

“At the heart of our work is the freedom and expression of the performance of making, the energy of instinctive instantaneous creation. The functionality or sculptural qualities of our works are born from the desires of instinct and feeling, reality, authenticity. They are a record of an energetic moment, aftermath, disruption, the creation of a subconscious collage”.