King Bonk



Black Violet, Black Cobalt, Black Silver, Black Gold

Chair D95 x W100 x H88cm (D37 x W39 x H35in)
Footstool D75 x W85 x H50cm (D30 x W33 x H20in)

8 + 2 Artist Proof + 2 Prototype
King Bonk derived from studies of tied up upholstery foam to create a seating unit loaded with energy, as if by cutting a supporting string it all would unfold to the flat sheet it once was. This type of foam is generally only used to upholster a skeleton frame, laying flat in two dimensional cut-outs, with its sleeping volume covered by a layer of fabric. Working with the foams density, Fredrikson Stallard forced it into position to evoke new shapes. The resulting forms, with their natural folds, creases and expanding tensions, were transformed by classically sculpting a full size version and forming this in fibreglass. The chair is available in four paint colours, which were created by Bentley.