Difference of Opinion


Aluminium, lacquer

H160 x W160 x D23cm (H63 x W63 x D9in)

2 + 1 Prototype

“Difference of Opinion” is from the body of work entitled Reformation.

Sculptural works created initially from cardboard, deconstructed and reformed into monolithic slabs, volumes and collages using different types of cardboard, manipulating their inherent unique characteristics to evoke emotional quasi-abstract works.

“working with card has in many ways similar characteristics as when we paint with oil. The different quality of the cardboard, the thickness, the different corrugations, the manipulability of the paper pulp, the colours, violently or with the gentlest touch to tear, crumple, crush and fold it into linear forms, layering it. This process speaks to us in the same way as painting. Our process becomes an amazing revelation when you get in tune with it, letting it flow from total abstraction into the figurative, creating collaged landscapes. Something we always move towards, the extraction of the emotional in these simple materials.”

The finished pieces are cast in bronze, aluminium or in some instances left in the raw state of cardboard. The bronze and aluminium works are finished in either patinated black or painted in a high gloss industrial paint finish. The raw card works are solidified with resin and either left raw with all the original colouration of the card present or as with the metal works, painted in a high gloss.

The attributable functions of these works are in a constant flux between the more design related realms of the physical, the utilitarian language of design connecting to the physiologically emotional parameters of sculpture and painting.