Swarovski Crystal, Gold Plated & Palladium Plated

Atelier Swarovski Spring Summer 2016

Bold and architectural with a light, contemporary elegance, Fredrikson Stallard Armory is an eleven-piece jewellery collection comprising necklaces, cuffs, rings and earrings, each featuring a crystal suspended within a geometric metal structure that echoes its form like a protective armor.

“The Armory collection is elegant, powerful and feminine. Each piece is highly structured, and grows around the glowing crystal stone at its heart so it remains translucent and light. The collection portrays the idea of safekeeping something precious. By framing the crystal within a metal web, it almost becomes part of the body. It is not a defensive armor, it’s an empowering and glamorous armor that is very contemporary and wearable.” – Fredrikson Stallard